What does a personal touch mean for you?

Not only should the print, advertising, and promotional products be specific and personal to you, but so should the service you receive! A personal touch means products are selected and delivered under my personal oversight. And I don't support products I wouldn't personally recommend.

Whether your event or promotion is commercial or social, you will receive the following benefits, which mean that when you chose Occasions, you’re choosing peace of mind.


1. I'm Independent.


I can get the best quality at the best price for you because I am an independent Advertising Specialties Inc. (ASI) member with access to over 35K promotional products from an array of manufacturers. I have the flexibility to find the product you want, at the price you want, at the quantity you want, and on your deadline without being tied to one factory.

2. I take full responsibility.


I deliver expert follow through and management at each stage of the product ordering process—from purchase order, to proofing, to tracking delivery to your doorstep.

3.  You have time to do other important things.


My expertise, experience, and industry connections save you time, money, and hassle. Instead of spending hours looking through catalogues, calling product reps, and creating a detailed price comparison sheet, you can leave it all to me. My work saves on your bottom line by allowing you to put your time and energy into the things you do best!

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Me

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What We Do

We provide businesses and individuals with unique promotional items, as well as stationary and other printed materials. There are tens of thousands of items you could use for your special event. What Occasions offers are the dedication and expertise to ensure you get the right products. We can help with weddings, religious celebrations, fundraisers, community events, commercial trade shows, and more.


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